If you are interested in advertising in the CR forum and the cardmaking forum ONLY, for those of you who sell cards or templates, this is what I need:

This is the info I need:

1. Name
2. Full Business address and phone
3. URL of your site
4. Email for business information and invoices

What it costs: 24 for a year. Only available as a full year, one payment. From 1 April it is 18 and from 1 July it will be 12 til the end of the year. This is more because of the accountancy and administration issues than anything else - you can choose to pay the full year price at any time and be added immediately OR you can wait for the next payment point.

What this allows you is:

to list your site in the Useful Sites post in the Template forum
append your link to your website ONLY IN POSTS IN THE CR FORUMS and IN THE CARDMAKING FORUM.

You can't add a sig link that will appear in posts made elsewhere nor can you post in sponsors so you will need to make sure that you add the info on a post by post basis (or you can turn off the "append signature" bit and then simply tick it to appear only on those posts you want it to)

You wll get a custom title of Limited Sponsor.

This is all a bit of an experiment

We would like you to add a link back to UKS, but as the sponsorship is limited it is not a requirement. You DO need to be aware of the laws regarding "distance selling" - this is a legal requirement, not a UKS one specifically. You can read about that in the Sponsorship Guidelines post in And now a word...

I stress this is ONLY AVAILABLE to cardmakers and template creators selling cards and templates - if you sell a range of scrapbooking or cardmaking supplies on your site then you need to look at full sponsorship.

If you have already PMed or emailed me, copy and paste the form, fill it in and email it to me at ma@id.com - I'll send you an invoice and then add your link to the Useful Sites thread.

This is a bit of an experiment, due to repeated requests, so all I can say is let's give it a go and see if it works or not