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PIFs and WISHES Rules

3. PIFs It seems that of all the swap-type exchanges PIFs have drifted farthest from the original intention. We are imposing some rules on PIFs.

There will be a single PIF thread to run at any time.

How it works: The originator PIFs an item.

Someone may claim the PIF and post a new item -- and so on.

If someone claims a PIF and the item they post to PIF is not claimed within 24 hours they MUST POST AN ALTERNATE ITEM! You may not claim a PIF without paying it forward. It should not take too much to come up with some acceptable item in your stash -- if you think you can’t then don’t claim a PIF.

A PIF is closed, and a new one may be begun when the original PIFer claims an item, completing the circle. The original PIFer should try to accept something within one week so a new PIF thread may be started by a new PIFer. The original PIFer should close the thread by replying with a post saying CLOSED

This is the best way we can think to take PIFs back to the intended purpose of getting a gift and passing on a gift in return.

4. Wishes Like PIFs wishes are getting a bit out of hand. The intent of a WISH is to request something you need to complete a layout, or need but cannot find. Say you created a page and find you need 1 or 2 purple eyelets to finish it. Rather than buying a pot of 100 purple eyelets you WISH for 2 or 3. Someone who has an excess of eyelets grants your wish. You are not meant to WISH for a complete pack of SEI Sweetie or a QK alphabet. We are limiting WISHES to no more than £3 in total value.

If you have a wish, post in the forum. Unlike PIFs there can be many Wishes posted at one time, but no more than 1 per person at any one time. If no one grants your wish within 3 days you may ONCE BTT to bump your wish up to the top! After that you will have to accept the fact that your wish will remain ungranted and move on.

A WISH is closed when the original WISHer grants a wish, closing the circle. The original WISHer should be able to grant another member’s wish within one week. The original WISHer should close the thread by replying with a post saying CLOSED

If your wish is granted you must watch the thread to determine when you can grant someone else's wish to close the thread.

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