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MaryAnne 02-06-2008 09:20 AM

UPDATED: Newbie Pack and Cheat Sheet PDFs
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Hi and welcome to UKS, we hope you’ll enjoy being a part of our community.

We have now put together a ‘Starter Pack’ to try and help you find your way around and have the answers to many of your questions all in one place – we hope you find it useful.

Be sure to read the FAQ found in this link

While we don’t wish to start off on warning note, please pay particular attention to two bits of the FAQ - the rules about posting links to non-sponsor shops, and the bits about what sort of blogs (non-retail only!) that may be linked on UKS.

Please also read the Announcement concerning Infractions and what they mean.

And remember UKS is not PRIVATE in the sense that anyone doing a Google search can see the posts (but not images.) DO NOT post private details like phone number, address, post code, etc. and do not post anything you would not be happy for anyone on the internet to read.

Getting Started
New members are welcomed warmly and enthusiastically but we realise it can be a bit daunting to get started in a thread, where the people seem to know each other and are just chatting away. So here are some general guidelines for you.

New members may not post links or images. Once you have posted at least 10 times you will be able to do so . If you try to post an image or a link and get a message telling you you can’t do this, just try again after you have posted 10 times. But if you are posting a link be sure to read the FAQ (link above, or just click FAQ in the red menu bar to access it) to know what sort of links are allowed. No links to retail sites other than Sponsor sites are allowed. The sponsors pay to advertise on UKS and it is these payments that allow UKS to be the free resource it is.

Profile terms

Avatars - Avatars are the photos/images you see under the usernames. You can upload your own photos, or link them to a webspace (like your homepage, photobucket, imageshack account etc. yahoo will not allow you to hotlink). One thing to bear in mind is that the size for avatars is fixed at 120x120 pixels and that the files have to be in .jpg format.

Signature - this is the information that will append to every post you make. It can include your user name, or real name, a sign off greeting, an image, a blog link (so long as there is no retail aspect of any kind to the blog - this is more clearly outlined in the FAQ) and more.

Your Profile and your User CP

Click on User CP in the red menu bar on the Forums Menu page to set up your profile.

Under Settings & Options you can add your Avatar, add images or information to your signature block (which you can tick to appear under every post you make on UKS), add a Countdown (UKS' version of Tickers) and more.

If you want to add an image into your signature, the size should be limited to 170x50.

If you want to add a photo/image for your Public profile, the size should be limited to 150x150 pixels and are uploaded in the same way as the avatars.

The best thing to do is click on all the menu items to see how useful your User CP can be, and to check out the Cheat Sheet on Setting Up Your Profile


A site as large as UKS is sometimes confusing. If you can't seem to get the hang of it on your own, post in the Adopt-a-newbie forum. You can post in I want to be adopted! to be assigned a UKS "old hand" to help you along, or if you feel you are an old hand yourself you can post in I will adopt a Newbie! It is both a great way to hook up with an established UKS member and a way to "give back" something if/when you feel ready to.

Contacting other members

Private Messages - Private Messages (PMs) are private communications between you and any other UKS member.

When you have received a private message while you were off-line a popup will tell you that you have a pm in your inbox. When you receive a new pm a popup will ask, whether you want to open the pm in the current or a new browser window, if you click ok a new window will be opened, which will take you straight to your pm. This will only work if you don’t have a popup blocker, or if you allowed pop ups from UKS. You will also see how many PMs you received under your username in the right hand topmost corner, you can click on Your Notifications > Unread Private Messages to see them.

A copy of your message will be saved in your Sent Messages mailbox. Click Jump To Folder from your PM screen to see your sent messages.

Be sure to delete both PMs and Sent copies frequently or your PM system will fill up and you will not be able to send or receive PMs! Just tick the boxes at the right beside any message you want to delete and Click on the drop-down menu to change from Move to Folder to Delete.

Check out the Cheat Sheet for Finding/Contacting Members and the one for Using The PM system.

Profile Messages - This is a new function of the vB upgrade! Profile Messages can be left on any member’s profile but, unlike PMs they are NOT PRIVATE. Anyone viewing the member profile can view the message!

You can click on Your Notifications > Unread Profile Visitor Messages to see them.


There are two ways to search on UKS - the Search function on the Forums page and the Search Function from the Home Page. You can alos search for members by name using the Members List. Check out the Cheat Sheet for Searching UKS for detailed info on this.

Let's look at the different areas of UKS

The Calendar

You can view a calendar of scrapbooking events as added by members and sponsors by clicking Calendar in the red menu bar. Add New Event will let you add info. Again, only sponsors and non-profit events may be added!

Home Page

The Home Page is a page with links to much historic UKS information and has new content updated on Monday morning, including current Team or House challenges, and updated or new Library entry, occasional Book or Product reviews, Musings on Scrapbooking, and the Font of the Week link as well as a weekly Poll.

Other sections worth exploring:

What is Scrapbooking? - a general overview of scrapping, of archival issues, and some general info articles.

Library - A firm favourite on UKS is the Library, which contains a whole world of ideas, instructions and useful links. You can get to the Library from the menu bar at the top of the forums, and also from the Home Page. The best way to see what there is in the Library is to have a browse!

Inspiration and Challenges - this contains the old challenges posted on the Home Page each week, sponsor classes (which will include the info you need but for which kits may no longer be available0, the Layout Of the Week posts, and copies of virtually all the Cyber Crop classes as PDFs to download (again, kits are unlikely to be still available but the instructions may still inspire you to choose your own papers and have a go)

Scrap Musings - just that! Random musing on scrapbooking.

Font of the week - all the past posts for font of the week (links occasionaly are broken so if you find one, send maryanne a PM so she can fix it.

This is the place to share your work, look at other member’s artwork, get inspired. Find it here but only if you are a registered member and logged in.

Non-members cannot view the Gallery, only the thumbnails. When you join UKS and log in for the first time you will need to log in to the Gallery as well, with your same user name and password. From then on, when you log in to UKS the Gallery will “remember you” and you do not need to log in again. Click Gallery in the red menu bar to see the newest uploads in all categories, and the list of Gallery categories.

There is a banner at the top of the UKS forums, where random HISTORIC gallery entries are displayed. These are taken AT RANDOM from member’s galleries when they have been uploaded to the Layoutscategory. The banner at the top of the Home Page are the very latest layouts uploaded by members, again to the Layoutscategory of the Gallery. This is updated every 5 minutes or so.

If you want your layouts to appear you must make sure when you upload that you select the Layouts category. If you see a layout you like in the top bar, click on it to see if larger in the Gallery

It is easy to leave a comment for the person - in the blue box under the photo there is a link that says Post a Comment, just click it, write your comment and hit ok. The Gallery is not the place for harsh comments on other members work. The old adage, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing” applies. If people want advice or criticism they will post in Room For Improvement, which is where you can ask other members to offer advice if you feel your layout is not working.

Once you start to upload your own layouts please remember, that it is UKS netiquette to only upload THREE images per day. This is to make sure that in the main gallery, everybody gets a fair showing of their work. Everybody will thank you for sticking to this.

The Gallery is a strictly AD-FREE zone, and this includes sponsors. No links to retail sites or Kit sites allowed, sponsor or not.

Check out the Cheat Sheet for help on uploading to the Gallery.


In an effort to organise the HUGE amount of info on UKS we have a series of forums, divided by subject. Have a browse of the Forum Menu and you will quickly see how things are divided. The title of the Forum is your best hint for what should go in there. Announcements are for general site announcements, made by the Administrators of the site, and worth keeping an eye on - anything important pertaining to the whole site will be posted there. Testing and Help is there for technical questions or problems. Most forums have banners at the top which explain anything you need to know - for example, And Now A Word from our Sponsors can only be posted in by people in the Sponsors user group. The Marketplace posts are first reviewed by a Moderator then set to appear. If you try to post and can’t, check the banner to be sure posts or replies are allowed in the forum you are trying to post in!

How to post:

Once you know WHERE it is best to post, click on that forum. You will see a button that says New Thread. Click it and type your text into the box. The editor includes A LOT of formatting options (Bold, italic, coloured text, text font, size, etc.) and while we could go on for pages on this, the best thing to do is have a play - you will soon learn what you need to know!

To REPLY to a thread, either go to the bottom of the page and add your text in the Quick Reply box then Post Quick Reply, or click the Post Reply button for the full editor. Quick Reply is great for text, Post Reply is better if you want to add an image, although you can click Go Advanced in Fast Reply to access the fuller reply menu on the fly.

Check out the Cheat Sheet for the Editor and more detailed information about formatting your posts.

The forums on UKS are pretty self-explanatory.

General Scrapping - for general scrapping topics. It's always a real mix of things and usually your first port of call.

Cropping Central - this is the place to post info about crops, both ongoing and one-off. Sponsors can announce profit making crops here, and members can announce not-for-profit crops (fees for hall rental and refreshments only, to cover costs) but if the crop is designed to make a profit you must be a Sponsor to post about it. Likewise, shops that are not sponsors are prohibited from announcing shop crops. If a non-sponsor shop is going to be at a crop you cannot mention it in the announcement. Party Plan crops are not eligible if the focus is on selling or the crop is limited to those products only. It must be a free and open to all crop to be announced on UKS. There is NO REPLY in Cropping Central, but once a crop is announced, anyone can begin a single Crop Chat thread for attendees to chat about the crop. Please do not use the Crop Chat threads to avoid using Social Group chat for team chat! But Crops can start a SG Chat thread for the crop if they prefer!

Digi Scrapping - all digi-scrapping all the time! If this is your passion, this is the place for you.

Cardmaking, Photography, Altered Art, Genealogy - like digi-scrapping, these forums are specialized by topic. If you have a question, or something to share, specific to these topics you will get more people who can help or who are interested in these forums than in General Scrapping!

Inspiration and Challenges - Where we post both ongoing and one-off challenges. Anyone can join in with the challenges, and each week a different team thinks up a challenge which is posted here, as well as on the Home Page. Each challenge will earn points for your team, and as well as Team Challenges, you can also find other challenges at various times. House challenges and voting are also posted here, as well as appearing on the

Swaps, PIFs and RAKs

Swaps are group exchanges between members. The best thing to do is to read this post about Swaps and how they are organized, the rules, etc.

PIFs (Pay It Forward) and Wishes are one-to-one exchanges between members and more info about how they work can be found here.

RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) are just that - something you send out, with no expectation of a return kindness. You' get your reward in Scrapper's Heaven!

Included in this forum are also posts on Circle Journals, Trading Pages, and the yearly Advent Swap.

Teams/Team Chat - Teams are great for support, getting to know some members better and generally encourage you to do more scrapping. There are 10 members to a team. Teams usually earn points for each LO they do, although there are a few groups in that forum that are just groups of friends and chat regularly too.

To become a member of a team you just need to watch out for threads In Inspiration And Challenges, advertising that they need a new member but Scrapdolly does start a new newbie team every other week, so you can always join in with other newbie’s.

Team Chat has undergone a radical revamp with the newest upgrade. Each team now has a Social Group Chat thread. Unlike the forums there are a few things about SG Chat that are important to note:

- Team Chat threads may be PUBLIC or INVITE ONLY. Public chats ANYONE can join in with. INVITE ONLY chats only invited members can POST to. But Team SG chat threads are not private and can be viewed by everyone – we therefore ask that conversations remain polite and friendly at all times.

- They are read from the newest post first, down. This cannot be changed at present.

- No signatures appear, although you can view any signature by clicking on the members name and View Profile.

- You can see if a team mate is online by looking at the little silhouette of a man (blue means online, grey means off-line)

- clicking the stacked squares will take you to that team members gallery.

As we had so many teams on UKS we introduced Houses, each new point earning team is allocated to a House. House leaders will run a Social Group Chat thread for each House to chat in, which is public, everyone is welcome to join in. Each month a new house challenge is set, you have weeks 1 and 2 to complete your challenge, and then during week 3 your fellow housemates will vote for their favourites in their own house, and finally in week 4 there is a vote for the overall winner.

Retail Therapy

These forums are all about sourcing scrapbooking goodies!

And Now A Word from our Sponsors! - this is where the sponsor shops of UKS post daily on what's new, what's hot, what's on sale, anything they want you to know about the business side of things. There is NO REPLY in this forum so PM them or click on thier signature link and visit the shop to contact them directly with any questions.

Shop till you drop - Post in Shop till you Drop when you are looking for something specific and want to ask Sponsors if they carry it and have it in stock. Sponsors will reply to let you know, often with a link directly to the item on their site. No non-sponsor liks are allowed here.

Marketplace - This is the UKS version of small ads in the local paper only better, as all our addictions are catered for. There are some rules attached to advertising things in this forum, most importantly, the goods advertised have to be genuine personal sales. Replies are not permitted, if you are interested in an item, contact the seller via pm or e-mail. Sellers will update the post when something has been sold.

There are one or two guidelines to posting in the Marketplace – these are at the top of the forum and worth taking a minute or two to read through.

Marketplace Ratings
This is a score (very much like the score on Ebay) people leave when they have done a swap or sale with you. Do not use the rating for PIFs, RAKs or Wishes. Any transaction involving money that has been arranged on UKS between members can get a rating. Sales between members and sponsors do NOT get a rating.

Have you noticed the little number underneath people’s avatar? It’s in brackets - that is the market score.

When you have completed a swap or sale with a person and want to leave feedback, click on the little number and the score “window” will popup. You can leave positive, negative or neutral ratings, and they will be looked at if you ask to host a swap or circle journal. Taking part in Swaps is a good starting point to get your ratings up.

Community - This forum is blocked for New Members but on view once you become a Scrapper. It is for discussion of non-scrapbooking topics. The Difficult Topics forum is for just that - any topic of a sensitive nature. Fair warning - if you are likely to be upset by a post in Difficult Topics (and if you take a moment to consider it, you will quickly guess what sorts of things may be posted in there and judge how likely this is) please do not read it. The posts stay from Sunday till Sunday and then are deleted. If a topic is still under discussion, you may start a new thread to carry on on Sunday.

Special Forums

We often have a number of special forums on UKS. These are sponsored forums, paid for directly by sponsors. Some are for specific groups (like Scrapaholics - a kit and crop business), some are short term for a specific crop, and of course we have the well know Craft Robo forum, which includes the library of free and for sale by sponsor templates for the Craft Robo. Access to the downloadable templates is only by special request. See the form in the banner at the top of the Templates Forum - you must be a member for 30 days and complete and submit the form to see the templates and the images of the templates. Baic rules apply within the special forums, although there may be occasional differences.

While UKS is primarily an adult oriented site, we have always had a special Kids section.

Kids on UKS
Children of UKS members are very welcome on UKS, in our very own Kids forums. To get your kids scrapping and chatting, set them up with their own user ID and then PM scrappybunny to get their access sorted. As members of the kids forum, they will have no access to the Private Message system or the Community forum, but do have a several forums to chat in, including our new Teen only section.

Hopefully this has covered the most commonly asked questions. We will update this Newbie pack as things crop up or changes are made. You can feel free to PM any Mod or Admin if you have questions!

The Cheat Sheets

There are a series of cheat sheets that address specific tasks that some find confusing. You can download the PDFs for those.
  • Cheat.editor explains the editor for text formating your posts or your signature.
  • Cheat.profile1 explains the Edit Options in your User CP
  • Cheat.profile2 explains how to load or change your Avatar and Signature, and how to change your email or password.
  • Cheat.findingmembers explains finding a member using the Members list and ways to contact them
  • Cheat .pm.system explains how to use the PM system

The PDF for using the Search Sytem will be added soon!

MaryAnne 15-07-2008 09:05 AM

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Here is the Newbie Pack info as a PDF, if you prefer to download it rather than read it online!

SallyC 13-08-2008 08:29 PM

Newbie list
Just wanted to say thank you for the newbie cheat lists. It has helped a lot. There is just so much to take in when you first join! It is almost the same as learning a new language, just like when I started on the computer. I hope it will not take as long though!

fraggle 17-08-2008 10:49 PM

Thanks so much for this newbie advice, it has answered many of my questions, but oh dear, I am being really daft now! where do I find the cheat sheet for how to upload to the gallery. I need to know what file types and sizes are ok.

janiceguazzo 25-08-2008 09:46 PM

Thanks for the newbie info. I am assuming since I have not posted 10 times I can't get to any of the Craft Robo files. Is that a correct assumption?

This is an awesome resource. :thanks:

Jonesborough TN, USA

daisy_scrap 26-08-2008 05:41 PM

Thanks for the newbie info - it was really useful but I still feel like my head is about to explode!! Hopefully I will be adopted soon and someone will talk me through the important bits I missed.
This is a fab site xx

Craftdee 03-09-2008 06:07 PM

Hello there, I have an adoptee who wants to know how to upload photos to the gallery. Above it says there is a cheat sheet to help but it is not included in the cheat sheet list at the bottom. Can someone please direct me to where it can be found? Many thanks.

NuttyScrapper 10-09-2008 06:10 PM

Thanks for the newbie info,made great reading and I have kept it on my desk top to refer too until I am no longer a newbie LOL

Tich 15-09-2008 11:19 PM

Thanks for the newbie info, it has explained an awful lot and made things seem a lot clearer.

Dizzy_Duck 07-10-2008 01:32 AM

Thanx for this info may have to read it again in the morning lol x

busyhandsuk 07-10-2008 10:43 AM

Thank you!!
yes thanx again for all the info, altho i know i havent as yet absorbed everything, so i will be there on every visit lol :unsure:

Laino 03-11-2008 02:53 PM

Thank you so much for the information. I hope I will be able to get my head around this soon.


rrafneleh 15-11-2008 08:29 PM

thanks for the help

anne-marie@thor 21-11-2008 09:35 PM

I gather you have a craft Robo? I have one too but have only managed to cut out words so far. how do you cut out picture outlines?

violetdunsmore 25-11-2008 04:03 PM

Thanks for the newbie pack, i,ve trowelled around and around forgetting where i;ve been and so this will make things so much easier. Scary place but addictive, thanks again

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